November 2018 Archive

The Real Life Darkness Leading to Temple of Doom

Simon Brew | 24th November 2018
Now with lovely video! Simon revisits the somewhat darker return to the Indiana Jones franchise and examines just what led to the filmmakers creating such a popular, yet troubling film

The Harry Potter movie that lost money…?!

Simon Brew | 19th November 2018
I know, right? Order of the Phoenix made huge amounts of cash and yet was somehow written off by its studio as a commercial failure, although that part happened with minimal fanfare

Howard The Duck (1986) and Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Simon Brew | 12th November 2018
In the latest episode of Film Stories with Simon Brew, Simon looks at the first cinematically-released Marvel movie, and the long gestation of the Freddie Mercury biopic

Cool Runnings (1993) and Henry V (1989)

Film Stories | 5th November 2018
In the latest episode of Film Stories with Simon Brew, Simon heads to the Winter Olympics, and back to Kenneth Branagh’s first movie as director

Superman 1978’s moustache fiasco

Film Stories | 2nd November 2018
Enjoy the following FILM STORIES episode where Dan explores some of the remarkable production stories surrounding the 1978 Superman movie