Admissions for 4DX screenings broke the record for the technology in July 2019.

Familiar with 4DX? This is increasingly popular option at certain cinema sites where you sit in a moving chair and have water, wind, smells and whatnot lugged at you in tandem with the film on screen. Just to give a rough rule of them, it’s the kind of option that works well for a film such as The Meg, less well for something like Roma.

According to the new press proclamation from 4DX, more of us than ever are giving it a try. It’s celebrating the fact that three million people worldwide gave 4DX a go in July 2019, a new monthly admissions record for the technology. Leading the drive has been Aladdin, which scored a million ticket sales in Korea alone. Likewise, screenings of Spider-Man: Far From Home and The Lion King have been selling well.

There’s an off-chance that newly-earned record may be broken again in August off the back of Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw.

You can read more about 4DX back in issue four of Film Stories magazine. You can purchase back issues here.